Traffic.dll Missing Error or Not Found in Zoom

Traffic.dll is missing from your Computer. Have you tried to open up a Game or Software then This popups – The code execution cannot proceed because TRAFFIC.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. If you get the same error then You are here in the best place to solve your problem

Lots of people are facing this error while using Zoom. If you are one of them then This blog post is going to be very helpful for you. Following the guide from this blog till the end to get the success means Your Traffic.dll missing problem will be fixed.

Why we face this error ?

You are facing this problem because the required resources are not available to run this software. Replace the .dll file in the Windows system directory after doing that You will not face any pop-up while using your Game or Software. Most of the time, We get this error in an older version of Windows or Software. But we can fix the problem without updating the windows. I know this error is very annoying but Don’t worry about that because I am going to share easy and effective solution which is 100% working.

How to fix Traffic.dll Missing Problem in Zoom

Updating your windows or Downloading New update of your software can fix your problem. But It is not the right solution for this error. You got have to paste the traffic.dll in the windows directory. You have to do it according to your windows architecture. Both 32 bit and 64 bit windows users will be able to fix the problem but They all have to do it in another way. 32 bit windows process is different from 64 bit windows process. So, do it properly. Otherwise, your Windows or Software will be corrupted. To prevent that Problem, Follow it properly without skipping any steps.

Save the files in your computer by clicking on the button. But before that You have to check version of windows you have 32 bit or 64 bit because Both are different and Tutorial are also different. So, consider checking it before doing that.

So, once you got the file then Follow the Tutorial according to your Windows – If you have 64 bit windows then Follow the Tutorial for 64 bit Windows but If you have 32 bit windows then Follow Tutorial for 32 bit Windows.

Tutorial for 64 bit Windows

Save both file 32 bit and 64 bit version and then Copy and paste the TRAFFIC.dll file into the designated Folder:-

  • 64 bit version -> C:\Windows\System32
  • 32 bit version -> C:\Windows\SysWow64

Tutorial for 32 bit Windows

: Don’t save both files Only save 32 bit version then Copy and paste the TRAFFIC.dll files into the designated folder:-

  • 32 bit version -> C:\Windows\System32

After applying all the steps then Restart your pc to see the results. then Again open your software in which you are facing this error. I am 100% sure, Your problem will be fine.

Hope you guys, Found this tutorial. If you have any queries and problems then You can contact me by clicking on Contact Us. After that, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

There is a quick video, that is going to help –

Traffic.dll Missing Error or Not Found in Zoom

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